Further software solutions around your electroplating

Our digitization competence for your electroplating

We offer holistic solutions and integrate various processes in production in line with Industry 4.0

Advantages of DiTEC’s integrated software solutions

Comprehensive analysis of all relevant data for more efficiency

Centralized management of local assets and tasks based on comprehensive real-time information

Cost reduction by avoiding redundant entries

Smart support for complex processes in manufacturing

In detail

Besides the electroplating control, DiTEC offers various software solutions which are intelligently networked via a smart software architecture.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our control system for wastewater plants helps you to present wastewater treatment economically, automatically and well documented. It is integrated into the ProGal visualization. This also displays the warning messages for the wastewater plants in ProGal. Different process steps can be defined by the user, such as rest periods with subsequent automatic continuation or stops for manual control. In contrast to many other offers, you can make changes yourself, if desired, in the flexible waste water control.

Automatic placement by robot

We have developed logistics/software solutions with which the goods carrier is loaded fully automatically by robot. For this purpose, the raw material is identified by automatic recognition (by barcode/QR-Code/RFID/…) and the rack is loaded by the robot on the basis of the article and order data transferred or stored. The data determined from the prefabrication can be taken into account in the coating and the coating process can be adjusted accordingly.

Automatic filling by bunker filling (bulk material)

The filling of the drum units appears very simple at first, but can be quite demanding in detail, especially if the part spectrum to be coated has very different filling/conveying properties and must be optimized accordingly. A further challenge is the logistics of the empty containers outside the plant or the mapping of the clear traceability of the parts. With our software solution, we can map your existing logistics (and not the other way round!) and support them optimally, so that there is a relief and at the same time error minimization.

Supply and exhaust air management

Good cooperation with companies specializing in supply and exhaust air enables the complete integration of supply and exhaust air management into the ProGal electroplating control system, which has advantages for the operating personnel through uniform operator guidance and visualization. However, it also simplifies the maintenance of the supply and exhaust air, which is of central importance for production: if it fails, the affected production lines must be shut down. DiTEC’s 24/7 emergency service can mitigate this worst-case scenario. In addition, an optimized energy management system offers optimal energy recovery in the supply/exhaust air system.

Maintenance Management

Good maintenance is measured by the paradigm “as much as necessary, as little as possible” to be particularly economical. This is realized by our maintenance management. By knowing the data of the different maintenance objects, the maintenance is not only triggered at regular intervals, but usually by the wear and use. Since certain objects must of course be maintained even when not in use, we use hybrid triggers. This has the advantage that all maintenance activities – regardless of the economic situation and the production program – are triggered in time without having to adjust the maintenance schedule. All maintenance measures can be controlled centrally and are fully documented.

Interface to quality management

Order Manager and RFID

ERP – Coupling

The ERP-coupling can be done via standard interfaces that can be implemented quickly or individually, in order to enable the best possible integration into your company structure.

Rack Manager

The rack manager manages the rack park (e.g. via the innovative RFID technology), automatically controls preventive rack maintenance and documents the maintenance work carried out:
. – Optimization of the production process
– Increase of production safety
– Relief of employees
Ex..: Defects in the frame, e.g. in the rubber coating, often lead to quality problems and cost-intensive rework. Such costs can be minimized with a regular inspection of the frames. An efficient rack inspection must be carried out depending on the number of rack passes and rack failures. The rack manager automatically collects these data, evaluates them and develops a maintenance plan based on the limit values entered. The user has the possibility to set a limit value for the number of rack runs and the number of repair cycles.